Branding + Web Design

I offer a full suite of graphic and web design services so that you can build your ideal brand identity.

Branding + Identity

New logo/visual identity, brand refresh, colour palette, look + feel

Marketing Materials

Business cards, letterhead, postcards, brochures, small + large-format
signage, posters

Web Design

Websites created in either Squarespace or Wordpress, e-newsletters, social media templates

Business Materials

Forms, documents


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My Process

My process is very similar for branding and creating websites, they are thoughtfully created just for you.


Learning all about you and your business is key, so I will send you a questionnaire, which will allow you to think about what you are looking for in your brand and will define your goals.


After you send it back, we can have a chat over coffee or FaceTime to discuss and get to know each other, This allows me some insight into how to craft the right brand for you.


I will research, sketch and create, then present you with 2-3 initial concepts to choose from. You can decide which you prefer and we will discuss any changes you would like to see.


I will turn your chosen concept into your ideal brand or website by refining + collaborating with you until we have what you are looking for. I will prepare all of the files and collateral that you will need for a successful business.


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Client Reviews

“Website design and launch success! Working with Krista was (and continues to be) an outstanding experience! Since conception of a website idea, to design, functionality and a successful launch, Krista’s knowledge and level of expertise has propelled our club forward in ways we couldn’t imagine. The smart design and ease of access on our new website has proved to be a success for our organization.”

—Shelley Gordon, The Danish Canadian Society “Dania”

“From my first meeting with Krista, her amazing design skills and love of details stood out for me. After presenting my initial ideas she outlined a branding concept with examples to work from. Krista listened to my ideas, worked with them, tweaked them and built them into a reality that we are both proud of. If you are looking for someone that is motivated, hardworking, understands design and is willing to put in the time and effort to produce an amazing product, then I highly recommend working with Krista Jewett.”

—Megan Barefoot, No Shoes Nutrition

“Working with Krista on my health coaching website was easy and fun. Two things I never thought were possible with this project as it felt so overwhelming and personal in the beginning! Krista took the time to get to know me, my style, the background of my business, my target audience, and my vision. Whenever I was talking or emailing with Krista, I never felt like our time was rushed. After a very short time, I felt like I could trust her like a good friend. She was always quick to respond as well which was always so comforting. She truly just wants her clients to be 110% satisfied with the final product. 

Krista is also extremely talented and knowledgeable. Not only did she create a website that was way beyond my expectations and more, she helped me make style decisions and trained me thoroughly on how to navigate and edit the platform. I can't say enough about my experience working with Krista and now that I'm not working with her, I miss her!”

—Rhianne Berardi, Believe in Your Health

“My experience working with Krista Jewett on the logo / branding for Expedition Coffee Roasters can be summed up in four words: a really great journey. It started off with a bit of work to get on the road, but that work was as necessary as packing your backpack for a big hike. Throw all the ideas in... mull them a bit... take some out... mull those... and repack. I then handed her an overflowing backpack to sort out. I left her with a pile of my thoughts and how I saw my idea of a business that lie ahead of me. Krista took those, and like some kind of a mind reader, she handed me back some amazing ideas / images / colours that just screamed “Expedition” and were exactly what I needed front and centre. Krista supplied me with such great ideas for branding that are not only fitting, but unique, and could only be crafted by a person with her eye for detail and attention to refine those details. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to work with someone as gifted as Krista on my branding and logo design. Thank you Krista, you are truly an inspiration to work with and it was a pleasure. I look forward to more collaboration with you in the future.”

—Aaron Grimeau, Expedition Coffee Roasters


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